Bloomin Adur came about one evening some 30 years ago when I sat round a dinner table with a bunch of Riverbanker’s discussing the nature of God. Was god an ethereal and spiritual oneness that created us or is god the invention of human intellect? Indeed, does it matter? We decided to test this hypothesis by creating our very own Goddess and thereby, we named her in honour of our river, our sole duty to this deity, to give libations to her at New Year. I have since become somewhat enamoured by the idea of a local, minor deity whose borders are defined by topography.

We have since invoked her beneficence on numerous occasions and I thought that I would unilateral poach the name to describe the mooring plots of 18 and 20 Riverbank and the boats that lie within those confines. The principal aim of Bloomin Adur being to renovate these pieces of maritime history so that they can contribute to the wellbeing of those that live and work there, giving those vessels the aesthetic integrity that might insure their existence in perpetuity.

Welcome to Bloomin Adur and the boats that have defined my life in Shoreham by Sea

Hamish Mckenzie 28th May, 2016