An ex 71’ Gosport Portsmouth ferry circa 1929, she came to Shoreham in 1993 and was promptly holed and shortly after abandoned. Stripped of anything of value she lay gently rotting away in the Surry public hard until 2000 when, captivated by her elegant lines, I bought her for £200. It took 8 months to get her floating again and another 2 years to become a home and popular venue on the Adur Arts trail. I am hoping to start her fairly major sprucing up this summer.

A story concerning the ‘Verda’ plaque on the stern. This sign was presented to me by the Director (Ken Fowler I think) of the Shoreham Airport D Day museum (sadly demised). They had been given it by fishermen who had caught it in their nets just off Brighton pier and passed it on having read an article about my Verda salvage attempts in the Shoreham Herald. Many thanks to all those involved in this reunion.

Verda is currently looking a bit jaded and feeling drafty. This summer (2016) we will devote our efforts to cheering her up!