Another WW2 MTB built at the end of the war by Vosper but too late for service and never commissioned,  she was auctioned off and fitted out as a houseboat having never  been to sea. I acquired her as a sunken wreck in 2001 for £1 in order to save her from ignominy. Spent a year attempting to get her seaworthy, fitting an engine transferred from the neighbouring ex Dutch fishing boat ‘Carolien’. £20,000 poorer we set out to sea one brisk November afternoon, destination Ipswich. We were at sea for about 10 minutes before turning back. Definitely not seaworthy after all. My friends Tom Keeling and Joe Venables made a 55 minute documentary film of the adventure, ‘The Boat That Goes’. Most  entertaining, can be  found below:

In a later attempt to seal the leaking hull, I floated her onto a set of chocks. In one of the most abysmal engineering feats of my career, this operation managed to break the old girl in two. She has been sunk ever since. She is still salvageable.